How Sex is Important in Relationship

Having a strong relationship is the dream of any partners. Everybody wants a relationship that will remain strong forever. While there are many things to keep your relationship strong, sex is such a great tool to keep your relationship burning for a long time. If you have been thinking sex is for reproduction only, then that is not the case.

Sex will have many positive emotional, physical, social and intellectual benefits. Whether your relationship is long term or it is just starting, sex is an essential thing that you should consider for a better relationship.

Ways in which sex will be beneficial to your relationship

1. It will keep you connected

Sex is a great intimate experience that will bring you not only together physically but also emotionally. By being together emotionally and physically, it means you will be more connected hence a healthy relationship. The same chemistry in bed will be the same chemistry in your relationship. A sexless relationship will be more vulnerable to breaking as you will not be firmly connected to your partner.

2. Keeping the romance alive

Intimacy is not a physical activity only, but it is also emotional. Sex causes your body to release a hormone called oxytocin or love hormone that makes you have more love towards your partner.

This will make you romance your partner and build much trust meaning the relationship will definitely last.

3. Reducing stress

Having stress can ruin your relationship very quickly. Stress is very common in life, and everything you do might bring you stress. The primary cause of stress in your work and this means you need to look for ways to release these stress for the sake of your relationship.

There are different ways to release stress, but sex could be the best option. Research has shown that sex will reduce stress to a great extent. Through sex, your body releases a feel-good hormone that controls stress in the body.

When you have less stress, it means you will have a more good time with your partner strengthening your relationship.

4. Balances the hormones

Apart from calming stress, sex will also help your body to balance the hormones. By balancing your hormones, you will be able to calm other emotional issues such as anxiety and depression that will increase fertility. Fertility is very important in a relationship.

5. Keeping you healthy

For your relationship to remain vibrant, you need to make sure you control the aging process. There are different ways to control aging but going for a natural way could be very important.

Sex will be a perfectly natural way to control aging. It will have other health benefits such as boosting immune and metabolism. It will also keep you flexible.

Tips to have better sex for a better relationship

1. Communicate with each other

Communication is essential when you want to have better sex. Talk to your partner and be open to each other. Tell him/her what you like and what you don’t like. This way it will be simpler to maintain your sex life at the top. Sharing your sexual desires will be very important.

2. Expose your expectations

Exposing your expectations is another great tip to improve your lovemaking life.

Tell your lover what you expect from them and if they disappoint you tell them openly and this way they can correct and have better sex.

3. Plan

Being busy doesn’t mean you should not have time for sex. If you have a tight schedule plan a date for sex, you need to make sex one of your priorities by planning for it.

4. Set moods in advance

When you need to have great sex at night you start preparing for it from the morning. This way you will be prepared mentally which is very important.

5. Share the romance

Don’t let your partner be the only one who is responsible for sex or love. Share it, and it will be sweeter.

6. Show your lover you care

By showing your partner, you care you will build trust which will enhance your sex life in return. You can show them this by texting, calling, and hugs throughout the day.


Sex is vital to any relationship. If you want to build your relationship and make it stronger, you have to develop your sex life. The best advice for better sex is communicating with each other.